Healing chronic diabetic foot ulcers

Do you have Diabetes?
Do you have a foot ulcer?

Do you want to help the Medical Community & Scientific Community understand what is happening with Stem Cells and Diabetic ulcers?

You will receive:
Free wound care, all dressings and care are provided at no cost to participants. This includes the current gold standard in leg diabetic wound care, personalised care from staff at the Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine and reimbursed parking or assistance to attend.

Additional to normal standard operating procedures for diabetic wound care there will be a weekly blood draw for eight to ten weeks unless your wound heals in a shorter period of time. You will be asked to continue in the study for blood evaluations only to determine the activity of Stem/Progenitor Cells (SPCs) in diabetics. The total time you will be involved in this study will not exceed ten weeks.  There will also be 2 sets of punch biopsies taken from the thigh, one will be 3mm and the next will be 5mm which are preferable but not mandatory.

This is a multinational collaborative study under the direction of Dr Stephen Thom from the University of Maryland, Baltimore as the Primary Investigator, Dr David Margolis is the co-Primary Investigator and Dr Graeme Kay is site Principal Investigator for the Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine.foot-ulcer-healed

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