Chronic Non Healing Wound

Francine P was 82 years old when she came to Wesley Hyperbaric for treatment.  In December 2011 following some minor trauma to her leg an ulcer developed.  Despite wound dressings every few days for several months her wound was not improving. More concerning was the increase in pain that Francine was experiencing.

Wesley Hyperbaric cares for many different types of non-healing wounds or ulcers.  From acute trauma to chronic conditions that cause a breakdown in the healing process.  To read more about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy assists wound healing go to (selected wound problems).

This is her story:

“When I arrived at Wesley Hyperbaric in March 2012 I was in a very bad state.  Over the previous 2-3 months my leg wound was not healing and it was creating a life of misery.  The pain was almost unbearable, I could hardly walk, I couldn’t sleep well, I wasn’t myself because all of my time was occupied with managing this wound.  It was terrible for my family as well to see me suffering so much. I had hit a very low time in my life.

By the time I had finished the treatment I had had 40 dives in the chamber.  Initially my dressings were soothing ones due to the extreme pain. Then as the hyperbaric oxygen started to work the pain gradually reduced.  I could tolerate my wound being dressed.  The nurses put on more effective dressings which meant that I didn’t need to have the dressings as frequently – around 3 times a week then even less.  The nurses kept a careful watch on my wound so that eventually I only needed weekly dressings. I was fortunate that my son or carer took me in and they could also see the change in me.  I was getting back to my old self, getting better sleep and back to doing my usual things.

After my treatment I was no longer needing antibiotics, I didn’t need the pain killers for the wound pain, and I don’t need to take so many sleeping tablets. I have more endurance, energy and the ability to get around. Infact I’ve been enjoying some 5 star cruises!”