Results with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment – Gregs Experience

Greg is a 75 year old gentleman referred to the Wesley Hyperbaric unit by his GP. After a post-surgical wound failed to heal then started to rapidly break down. Healing was also complicated as Greg has been a diabetic for 15 years.

Greg stated, “I was fairly concerned as it was such a big wound. So enormous I couldn’t believe it. The problem was it wasn’t getting any better, it was actually getting worse, it looked like a shark bite.”

When reviewed, his wound was found to be low in oxygen levels, therefore delaying the healing process because the tissue surrounding it did not have oxygen to feed the damaged tissue.

Greg said, ” Leading up to the 3 weeks prior to the Wesley, the wound had only gotten worse. I mean horrifically worse, I was constantly trying to keep this leg elevated on the lounge, all I could do was grin and bear it basically with the antibiotics.”

Over the course of 30 daily treatments at Wesley Hyperbaric and with meticulous wound care Greg’s wound healed completely and he was able to get back to his busy construction business.

Greg was thankful, “It really saved my leg I can tell you with having previous wounds, knowing how they have reacted with no Hyperbaric treatment compared to this horrendous wound that I had. The amount of time it took to heal was just amazing. The results have been phenomenal.”

Greg also appreciated the friendliness of Wesleys Hyperbaric staff in treatment. ” The staff they were very methodical in what they do and they make you feel right at home.”