Changes to our billing

As from 1st November 2018 we will be increasing our fees and changing the way we bill your consultation and wound care accounts.

As a private specialist practice, we provide outstanding, advanced wound care to our outpatients and hyperbaric patients and, as such, we will no longer bulk bill our fees, we will be adopting the AMA doctor rates. Please see the table of fees below.

To make the Medicare claiming process easier for our patients we have installed an Integrated Medicare two way claim system through our medical software program.

We will receipt your services and your rebate will be paid to your account, usually overnight.  You should be aware that the cost of treatment will be in excess of the amount Medicare will reimburse.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this please contact us to talk to one of our reception staff.

Wound Treatment (consumables) + doctor / specialist fee as outlined below.
You will pay for all your consumables used for treatment of your wound
Charged Out of Pocket Charged Out of Pocket
Level B Consultation GP (less than 20 minutes)

Level B Consultation Specialist (5 – 25 mins)





Level C Consultation GP (at least 20 minutes)

Level C Consultation Specialist (25 – 45mins)





Level D Consultation GP (at least 40 minutes)

Level D Consultation Specialist (more than 45 minutes)





Consultant Physician $330.00 $215.10


A brand new look

To help celebrate 20 years in business the hyperbaric chamber, located in the Wesley Hospital, has recently undergone a major rebrand.

We are now called Wesley Hyperbaric – a much shorter and friendlier name than the previously titled “The Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine”. One thing we have decided to keep however is our link to the Wesley Hospital. We remain proud to be part of this great hospital and hope that we can continue to offer a fantastic service to both the Wesley Hospital and the entire region.

Some of the treatments that we have helped out with over the past 20 years include non-healing wounds such as diabetic wounds, venous leg ulcers and the treatment of non-healing flaps after surgery. We also treat soft tissue injuries and ORN after patients have undergone radiation therapy.

Outside of the hyperbaric chamber, one of our key offerings to the Wesley Hospital has been our Advanced Wound Clinic. Our expertise and access to the best and most advanced wound care products has seen huge successes in treatment of wounds in patients. We have recently expanded and have now doubled the capacity to treat problematic wounds – meaning we can treat more patients and offer the excellent and friendly service we are known for.

Our team of dedicated staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our services and if you are a health professional looking for more information we are very happy to come out to your place of business to give a presentation.

We look forward to many more years helping people across the region.