Diving Emergencies

The Centre is part of the network of comprehensive hyperbaric facilities around Australia which provides 24-hour cover for diving emergencies. This network can be accessed by dialing the DIVERS EMERGENCY SERVICE on 1-800-088200. Alternatively local divers can call the centre on +61 7 3371 6033.

The data from these calls is collated and analysed to provide a valuable teaching and safety resource. Summaries are published periodically.

The Divers Emergency Service is funded by the Divers Alert Network S.E. Asia Pacific, a non-profit diving safety organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

Health of Divers Project

Wesley Hyperbaric in conjunction with DDRC, U.K., is carrying out an anonymous survey to assist medical professionals to understand the effects of diving with a cardiac condition.  To complete the survey visit the link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/C8C27X2.

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