Wesley Hyperbaric is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for our patients. We only provide scientifically proven treatments to improve the opportunity for healing and new tissue growth, at their initial consultation. Patients have a thorough medical assessment to determine their suitability for Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and the strength of the treatment.

Watch the patient information video below to guide you step by step through the clinical care of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

We can provide assistance with accommodation, travel and understanding Medicare, Health Fund and self-funding accounts.  We are a DVA approved healthcare provider.

Wesley Hyperbaric provides a holistic approach to our patient’s healing. We have found this very important as many of the conditions treated can be very complex.  We welcome the involvement of patient’s general practitioners, specialists, podiatrists, dieticians and any other health professionals.  But most of all our focus is on the patient’s requirements while involving those who are a support to them.

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