Wound care at Wesley Hyperbaric is a major part of the treatment that many of our patients receive. Most wounds are of a chronic nature being of diabetic, arterial or venous origin. Acute wounds, where the blood supply has been compromised in some way, are also treated.

A comprehensive approach to healing any wound is essential. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) alone is unlikely to provide good results for those clients referred with chronic wounds so, in addition to Hyperbaric oxygen treatments, a program of intensive wound care is instituted involving meticulous repetitive debridements and careful attention to dressing product selection.

Debridement is particularly important, especially in chronic wounds. Any other barriers to healing such as clinically significant infection and poor diabetic control are simultaneously addressed.

The introduction of an optimum wound care program often involves practitioners from a variety of disciplines including endocrinology, infectious diseases, general practice, orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, podiatry and wound care nursing. The hyperbaric unit is an ideal focus for coordination of multidisciplinary care and maintenance of continuity.

As patients are seen daily for their hyperbaric oxygen treatment anyway, the hyperbaric unit is an ideal focus for coordination of multidisciplinary care and maintenance of continuity.

A wound review is usually done around the second or third week of treatment. If no response is apparent then Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is stopped. If the wound is responding then treatment is continued. Responding patients undergo an average of 30 treatments. Wounds are not always treated to complete healing. Most often the aim is to normalise the body’s own healing processes and then to maintain good wound care until healing is achieved.

Hyperbaric treatments are safe, almost invariably free of significant complications, and well tolerated by most patients. Patients who are well into their 90s have been treated at Wesley Hyperbaric.

The Centre’s staff have many years experience in this specialised field. We are committed to providing excellence in hyperbaric medicine and wound care. Initial training and a personal commitment to on-going, advanced training is paramount for all our staff.

The staff in this area are Registered Nurses who have a special interest in wound care and who are able to draw on their backgrounds which are in plastic surgery, general surgery, education, G.P practice and community care.

All staff regularly up-date their skills at conferences and courses.

Together they work to achieve the optimal outcomes for their patients.