Living life after radiotherapy

If you or a loved one are one of the 1.2 million people every year who are diagnosed with an invasive cancer then the chances are this has come with a treatment with radiation. Whilst treatment has significantly improved over the years the resulting side effects can sometimes take its toll on the patient’s quality-of-life.

The radiation can sometimes cause complications with nutrients – including oxygen – from passing through the blood vessel walls. This lack of essential nutrients unfortunately hinder the healing of damaged tissues.

Here are some key facts about soft tissue radiation damage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

  • Occurs in less than 5% of people who undergo radiotherapy
  • Most commonly involves damage to the bladder or bowel
  • Most commonly noticed as blood in the urine and/or bowel movements
  • Randomized controlled trials have shown hyperbaric oxygen therapy can improve over 70% of people treated
  • Soft tissue radiation injury is the most common condition treated at Wesley Hyperbaric

The good news is that Wesley Hyperbaric has over two decades of experience treating people who suffer from soft tissue radiation injuries. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also proven to work most of the time.

So if you, or a loved one, are unfortunate to suffer from any of the conditions outlined above then we can definitely look at helping you get your life back on track. Get in contact today and find out what the next steps might be. Alternatively, speak to your GP or specialist about getting a referral.