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When it comes to hyperbaric oxygen therapy there really is only one choice.

Having a serious medical condition is something that requires your full attention. You should ensure whatever you do, it will deliver the results you are looking for. Medical procedures should be safe, proven to work and be supervised by qualified health care professionals.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one area of medicine that has many options given to you, and sometimes the providers are not always equal. There are many small operators offering mild hyperbaric treatment using portable, inflatable chambers – sometimes they might even offer you the convenience of coming to your home. These are really not true hyperbaric chambers and the benefits of using them are very questionable.

Mild hyperbaric chambers are not able to replicate the same depth as a medical grade chamber. The lack of pressure and the level and quality of the oxygen given will limit the ability to encourage healing and growth of bone and soft tissue. There is also a major concern around safety – most of the mild hyperbaric chambers are operated by non-hyperbaric qualified operators – and the important safety checks and procedures may not be in place due to the small size and inexperience of the operators. But most of all there really is no evidence that these chambers do anything for your condition and you could be wasting your money by choosing them.

For over 20 years Wesley Hyperbaric has been successfully treating patients for a range of conditions. We offer a full medical grade service and product that is accredited and approved by most major health funds – and for certain conditions, Medicare. The fact that conditions are covered by health care funds is an indication that there is sufficient scientific evidence that the treatment works. Our service offers a non-invasive and safe process. All completed under the supervision of our expert and fully qualified technicians, nurses and doctors. And we are located within the Wesley Hospital medical precinct.

The Wesley Hyperbaric offers a completely different, and superior service than those of the small mild hyperbaric chambers. The following table gives a side by side comparison to really highlight to you that when making your decision to choose hyperbaric therapy for your condition there really is only one choice you should make:

Wesley Hyperbaric Mild hyperbaric chamber
Usually Pressurised to 14 metres Only capable of depths of 2.5 metres
100 per cent oxygen Air (21 per cent oxygen 79 per cent nitrogen)
Encourages growth of bone and tissue Does not grow bone and tissue
Accredited through research No research or accreditation
Covered by major health funds and Medicare No cover for treatment
Medical grade treatment Treatment is not proven to work
Highly regulated industry No qualification or license needed
Safety technicians and monitoring of conditions to ensure safety at all times No provision of safety checks or monitoring of situations within the chamber
Arterial oxygen at 2.4 ATA 100% oxygen is 1,824 mmHg (normal air pressure is 157mmHg). This refers to how much oxygen is getting into the body, what is making the changes. Arterial oxygen at 1.3 ATA 24% oxygen is 230 mmHg (normal air pressure is 157mmHg).
Safe in the knowledge that the staff are fully qualified hyperbaric medical professionals Often a single operator, small business owner handling all the procedures and processes.

Why not take the time to read about the full range of conditions we treat at Wesley Hyperbaric. We have some case studies on our website too so you can hear about some successes we have had with our patients.

If you think you might need some more information, then please contact us and we can help you with your decision and get you on the right tracks to making a recovery.



Be a new you in 2019

With 2019 just beginning perhaps it’s time to start thinking about you and your health.

You can begin the year by actively looking to take on any ongoing health problems that have been a burden to you during the past year. This could be complications from a condition such as diabetic wounds, or perhaps you are recovering from cancer and have received radiation treatment that has come with some complications such as soft tissue damage.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can offer treatment for a range of conditions and has proven results in enabling people regain a quality of life they are looking for. People often try more mainstream approaches and sometimes they are successful and other times they may not be. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often seen as an alternative or even a last resort. However, this should not be the case as Wesley Hyperbaric is a long-established facility located in the Wesley Hospital precinct – operated by fully qualified medical professionals. The process is safe, friendly, proven and non-invasive – as such, it doesn’t need to be your last resort.

How does it work?
The process involves the patient sitting within a pressurised environment breathing 100 per cent oxygen. The patient experiences the same changes a diver would when diving to a depth of 14 metres. The highly oxygenated blood stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in a hypoxic wound, allowing quicker healing. Bacteria are also affected by the high levels of oxygen which also helps the healing process.

Take some time to read more about the conditions we treat and if you think you could benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy then seriously consider talking to your doctor or specialist on your next visit. If you need more information then please give us a call or email us.

We hope you have a healthy and happy 2019 and we look forward to continuing to offer a better quality of life to our patients.

Read our white paper on treating inflammatory bowel disease with HBOT

With an estimated 75,000 Australian’s living with inflammatory bowel disease and the numbers increasing each year there is good news around findings that hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers a solution.

As Australia’s pioneers in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we have published a white paper on the topic. It covers the problems faced and offers up a solution complete with case studies to show the success in treating Crohn’s disease and also ulcerative colitis.

To find out more please access our white paper and learn more about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat inflammatory bowel disease.