Wesley Centre hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber controls
Wesley Centre hyperbaric chamber controls

Our hyperbaric chamber is a multi-place chamber which means that more than one person can be treated at any one time. Designed and built by Australia’s Fink Engineering, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of these chambers, it was installed in 1998.

The chamber has three compartments which provides us the ability to treat emergencies without interrupting the normal flow of our regular patients. We call the two treatment chambers THE LOUNGE and THE STUDY.

The Lounge can be pressurised to 3 Atmospheres Absolute (ATA) or 200 kilopascals (KpA) and can treat up to 8 patients with either 1 or 2 nurses in attendance.

The Study is our high-pressure compartment with the capacity to pressurise to 6 ATA or 500 KpA. It is used to treat any emergencies and to facilitate our clinical research trails such as our role in the international Project HORTIS.

The facility has the capability to treat any patient that is likely to require hyperbaric oxygen. These could be patients referred from Intensive Care who require a ventilator to breathe as well as patients that need special oxygen delivery systems.

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