The Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine is committed to conducting quality research to advance the field of hyperbaric medicine.  We have current and ongoing  research relating to a range of medical conditions and will publish results of this research once each study is complete.

Current Research

Have you previously undergone radiation for head and neck cancer and do you now experience a dry mouth (Xerostomia)? ...Read More
Healing chronic diabetic foot ulcers

Are you Diabetic? Do you have a foot ulcer? Do you want to help the Medical Community & Scientific Community understand what is happening with Stem Cells and Diabetic ulcers and receive free wound care. ...Read More
Healing chronic venous leg ulcers

We are currently researching the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for healing chronic venous leg ulcers: A randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial. This study is in cooperation with faculty from the University of Queensland and the physicians from the Wesley Hospital. ...Read More

Research Results
Australian paediatric hyperbaric oxygen therapy 1998–2011

This was a retrospective cohort study (January 1998–December 2011) of children treated at four Australian hyperbaric medical units. The primary aim of this review is to identify clinical conditions treated in a paediatric population referred to Australian hyperbaric units. Secondary aims are to describe outcomes of treatment and detail any complications occurring during treatment or during transfer between units. A total of 112 children underwent 1099 hyperbaric treatments for 14 indications. ...Read More
Project HORTIS – Hyperbaric Oxygen and Radiation Therapy Injury Study

HORTIS was developed as a multi-centre study with international participation, involving a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, with patient cross-over option. ...Read More