Hyperbaric oxygen therapy QLD

Noel’s inspiring journey: Overcoming distance and embracing positivity in hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy QLD

Noel is 88 and lives in Rockhampton, about 650 km north of Brisbane. He’s having his 40th and last hyperbaric oxygen therapy session here at Wesley Hyperbaric in Brisbane.

Rockhampton hyperbaric chamber

A life-changing decision to have HBOT in Brisbane

When Noel started his HBOT sessions 8 weeks ago, he realised he had to leave Rockhampton and seek treatment in Brisbane.

“I have had advanced prostate cancer and during radiation therapy I had received a chemical called radium-223. It’s used in radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer. But radium can cause damage to healthy tissues, and that’s why my doctor in Rockhampton referred me down here to receive HBOT in Brisbane.”

Noel B., HBOT patient at Wesley Hyperbaric

Radiation damage can manifest weeks, months, or even years after the completion of your radiation treatment. One of these complications after radiation for prostate cancer is radiation proctitis. It occurs when the inside of the rectum gets inflamed and damaged due to cancer treatment.

There are two types:

Acute: Short-term symptoms that happen soon after radiation treatment.
Chronic: Long-term symptoms that can show up months or even years after treatment.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the most effective treatments for radiation proctitis because it helps heal areas damaged by radiation by giving them more oxygen. 

The increased oxygen delivery to the tissues can enhance healing, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, helping to heal the radiation-damaged areas. Using HBOT for this purpose is widely accepted, especially when other treatments don’t work.

Noel’s doctor in Rockhampton knew about this treatment and sent him to Brisbane for therapy. Not a light decision to make, as Noel is living in rural Queensland, far away from the capital city.

“Luckily, my son is living in Brisbane. As I needed 8 weeks HBOT, 5 days a week, I decided to stay the first 4 days across the road from Wesley Hyperbaric, and the other 3 days with my son. It was the best decision I ever made.”

Noel B., HBOT patient at Wesley Hyperbaric

Hyperbaric chamber Brisbane

The Wesley Hyperbaric experience

Noel believes in a positive mental attitude. His motto is “Your attitude determines your altitude.” When he came down to Wesley Hyperbaric, he had no idea what he was saying yes to. Now, after 40 sessions his advice is loud and clear:

“Just go and enjoy it. There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s different. It’s an experience. But what it is to me is not necessarily what it is to you.”

Noel B., HBOT patient at Wesley Hyperbaric

Noel will join the men’s shed when he gets home in Rockhampton.

“Before I started my sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, I would wake up, tell myself what I needed to get done that day and then wouldn’t get around doing it. Now, I believe I will go home and get things done. Coming here, brought me close to what I used to be. So yes, I will finally join the men’s shed.”

Noel B., HBOT patient at Wesley Hyperbaric

So what made his experience unforgettable? The people at Wesley Hyperbaric made a big difference, he says.

“Their kindness, warmth and genuine care made me feel welcome. I felt listened to, valued and supported. They are like family.”

Noel B., HBOT patient at Wesley Hyperbaric

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy QLD

HBOT for rural Queensland patients

No matter which corner of Queensland you call home, the benefits of HBOT can make a significant difference in your health journey. So, whether you are in Toowoomba, Gympie, Dalby, Longreach or Charters Towers, just like Noel, it may be worth coming down to Brisbane for hyperbaric therapy.

Would you like to hear more stories like Noel’s? Get in touch with our friendly staff and learn about your options when you’re travelling from rural Queensland and consider HBOT in Brisbane.