Breathing 100% oxygen at approximately 2 atmospheres of pressure increases the amount of oxygen a patient normally breathes by ten to twenty times.

This results in a 10-15 fold increase in plasma oxygen concentration in the blood producing a significant increase in the diffusing distance of oxygen from functioning capillaries, extending blood/oxygen flow and stimulating new capillary growth for healing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers a number of distinct therapeutic effects.

The increased oxygen delivery to injured tissues:

  • Stops further tissue damage.
  • Prevents and/or reduces infection.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Improves immune system response.
  • Improves blood vessel formation.
  • Promotes wound healing.
  • Increases bone recovery.
  • Eliminates toxic substances.
  • Reduces effects from toxic substances.
  • Increases the effect of some antibiotics.

Benefits of HBOT

The proven benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) are:

HBOT speeds up wound healing by promoting the growth of new capillaries, (angiogenesis), and consequently, the growth of new healthy tissue.

HBOT reduces infection by killing bacteria directly, by increasing the capacity of white blood cells to fight infection, and by eliminating the waste products of bacterial invasion.
HBOT enhances the effect of some antibiotics.

HBOT reduces the swelling that develops as a consequence of infection, poor circulation and injury.