It’s business as usual at Wesley Hyperbaric

At Wesley Hyperbaric no two days are the same. We are constantly welcoming new patients to the unit for treatment in the hyperbaric chamber as well as saying goodbye to patients who have successfully treated their course. But from all the conditions that we treat, what are the most common we see?

We only treat 14 conditions that have research-based evidence that proves that the treatment is beneficial. These conditions are approved by The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) meaning that there is accreditation and proof behind our confidence that we have a solution for our patients.

Our top three conditions

Of the 14 conditions there are some we don’t see very often at all. We do, however, constantly treat certain conditions, and with every dive we undertake we see a constant flow of what we can call our top three treatments:

You can rest assured that we will not promise success for curing conditions that have not been proven to be treatable – you may have been told by other hyperbaric operators that they can offer you that miracle cure, this is unrealistic and you should avoid any businesses that offer you this.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from any of the conditions we treat then we would love to hear from you. All you need to start the process is a referral from your doctor, we can then look at getting your treatment underway. If you have any questions please call one of our friendly team members on 07 3371 6033.